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A client asked, "How often should I get a massage?"

​ I hear this question alot.  To be honest, the answer to this question varies depending on your reason for receiving massage therapy.
Some clients come to see me for massage simply as a form of stress relief and relaxation- an escape from the world.   They usually schedule a Swedish or Relaxing massage.  If during the massage, nothing more is discovered (meaning, you don't say "Oh wow, what is that? I didn't even know that was sore until you went over it! Get rid of it!"), depending upon your financial state and schedule, a monthly massage is recommended.  Stress, even when it appears to be an emotional stress to the body, can accumulate and manifest into physical conditions*.  If you don't learn to manage your stress, it can make you sick.  If your business or lifestyle has you highly stressed all the time, I would suggest a couple of sessions a month, but once a month at least, would be my recommendation. 
The majority of my clients come in for pain relief.  They've been hurting on a daily basis.  These clients see me for a deep tissue massage or an Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy session.  They are frequent travelers for business, athletes, IT support, Hair Stylists, Dentists, Firefighters or other business people where there's a physical demand put on them regularly, on top of the everyday mental stress. They have shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, and nevermind, how tight their muscles are!  I could bounce a quarter off of more than half the hamstrings I have come across! 
Clients with chronic pain, I recommend seeing for several sessions in the month, with the first three visits scheduled closer together.  Most have heard me say, "let me see you back within the next week". 
Because in my experience, muscle issues and chronic pain can be better affected with several massages "stacked" together,  not allowing your crazy work and life routine a chance to get a stronghold on those healing muscles.  Three "stacked" massages (about one a week) can really make a difference in your muscle pain. That is, if the problem you have is muscle related. Thereafter, once we have achieved pain relief that lasts, and you have made the necessary changes to your ADL (activities of daily living), for example, you may have added some stretching techniques to your daily routine, began an exercise program (check with your doctor as to what would be appropriate for you) and found ways to incorporate some "down" time to your schedule, then it is possible to maintain a once a month schedule.  That being said, with several of my clients, and because of the nature of their work and lifestyle, I do recommend they maintain a three week schedule, because it seems that once they hit the month mark they begin to feel their muscles begin to act up similarly to how they were before they even started treatment.
If you find you need massage but are worried about the overall cost, please don't hesitate to speak to me about it.  There are several ways we can adjust your treatment plan to get you the most benefit within your budget.  Oh and I know you have already clicked on the FREE-MASSAGE link.  Aside from referring me to others to earn another free massage, I also offer Six Packs for Swedish/Relaxing, Deep Tissue and Prenatal massages.  With these packages you can really save money, and still get the full benefits of an hour's massage session.
I sincerely hope I've answered this question satisfactorily.
Feel free to email me with any other questions you may have.
Until then, see ya on the flip side!
Ellen Rivera Catalan, LMT ABBT

"The Barefoot Contessa of Ashiatsu" Massage in Cape Coral


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