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The bigger they are, the harder they fall...​in love with Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy!

I know that a lot of guys prefer a deep tissue massage as opposed to a Swedish/Relaxing massage.  They have more muscle mass, and unless they want to just de-stress and float off to La-La Land (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) they want a massage that is going to be effective in decreasing their muscle tension, increasing their flexibility, and reducing the pain they feel because of those issues. 
Not too long ago, I gave a deep tissue massage to a guy who clearly spent a lot of time in the gym.  I did my best and wore myself out trying to lift, pull and push all of that tight musculature.  In the end, I didn't think an hour deep tissue was enough for him. Granted I AM my own worst critic but that's another story for another time.
Because of this experience, I felt, I needed to be able to effectively (in my opinion) massage the tension out of the big guys out there.  The big guys I'm referring to aren't always Hulk-like, but they do frequent the gym, are seriously involved in a lot of sports, and are just overall big solid guys!  My poor little fingers aren't going to make a dent and they know it and I know it, atleast without hurting myself and shortening my career.
That's the main reason I became a Certified Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapist.  Aside from the perk of frequent pedicures (a job requirement now) Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy allows me to give clients the deeper yet broader pressure needed to push through thick layers of muscle, and therefore effectively increasing blood flow to the muscles so they can heal.  Bars are installed on the ceiling so I can adjust the amount of bodyweight I use throughout the session along with the use of a broader tools (my feet) which allows for more pressure with less discomfort. This is why it's easy for clients to reach a relaxed and "sedated" state.   Many have fallen asleep!  Imagine, deep relaxation with deep tissue compression all blended together to create a beautiful work of art that is, Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy. 
So if you've had other regular massages and think you could use more pressure, I really recommend you give Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy a try. 
I look forward to seeing you!
See ya on the flip side,
Ellen Rivera Catalan
The "Barefoot Contessa of Ashiatsu" massage in Cape Coral

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