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What's in it for me?

This blog is going to be all about me.

I'm not being narcissistic.  I want to write about what giving massages does for me.  You always hear about the benefits that clients get, but we all know that there is a reason why many people become massage therapists.  
So I am here to let you in on a little secret; we, massage therapists don't just give massages to make the client feel better.  Nope.  While that is a huge part of why we do it, suffice it to say, massage therapists have some pretty great reasons why we give massages.

First let's get some of the myths out of the way.
Many people, massage therapy schools especially, will say massage therapists can "make great, GREAT money".  Nope, not always true.  Still, in my opinion, money isn't everything.
Many people think massage therapists can work whenever they want.  Nope, not always true. My hours are Monday thru Friday, 9-7, Saturday, 9-3 and I have been known to work on Sundays and the occasional evenings, and have traveled as far as Miami and Orlando to give massages.  Trust me when I tell you, those are NOT my desired working hours, but in order for me to make "great, GREAT money" or some money atleast, I have to avail myself to as many crazy, hectic schedules as I can.
Many people think you can get all the free massage you want, if you work with others. Nope. Not true.
Yes, massage therapists do their very best to "practice what we preach", but we know what the work entails so its really difficult to ask a colleague for a free massage, and then turn around and have to give them one, too.  Most therapists, myself included, simply pay for massages, so the working therapist has income, and the paying therapist has no further need to reciprocate after melting into a table. (Ahhh, nice, just thinking about it).

Now I can get to the good stuff!

One of the best reasons I can think of for giving massages is the connection or relationship that is developed between client and therapist.  It is one of the few times where there is absolute trust between two people in a professional/business environment. Granted, a good massage therapist will make you feel like you're not coming into a business office but rather a cozy retreat. Initially, clients feel vulnerable being unclothed and under a sheet, knowing they are going to be touched by what is essentially a complete stranger!  Still in less than an hour, that vulnerability drifts away leaving nothing but comfort and relaxation. The fact that I can cause that is awesome!

In addition to the trusting relationship that occurs, and I'm definitely speaking for myself with this next reason, the fact that massage therapists get to "socialize" without pressure is great.  It is simply one-on-one communication.  No mingling, no cliques, no hiding in the corner.  There is just the massage therapist and the client.  No pressure to strike up interesting discourse, or the dreaded small talk about the weather.  If a conversation does strike up, it's usually about something we are very familiar with and are comfortable discussing- the human body. After a visit or two, we've become well acquainted and any conversation comes naturally. See? No pressure.

Another reason I can think of for giving massages is I can travel the world without ever leaving my massage room.  I know you're thinking "that's impossible!".  Well, given that clients come from all corners of the world, or have traveled a lot, many of those conversations are going to be about "home" and where the client has been.  A massage therapist can get great travel tips too!  

I'm saving the best for last.  

The biggest and best reason, in my humble opinion, for giving massages, is the gratitude and genuine appreciation received from clients.  People work hard in the corporate world and in every day 9-5 jobs to get a tiny piece of that kind of praise and gratitude.  We, massage therapists have the good fortune of receiving it every day, even sometimes, hourly!  Can you imagine your boss coming into your cubicle every hour and thanking you for a job well done?  That rarely ever happened to me!  And when it did, I was floored!  I, then, worked that much harder hoping for what seemed like an eternity before I received another pat on the back.  Being appreciated never gets old to me.  I cherish every word, and I appreciate the fact that I don't have to jump through hoops to get my "atta girl" because when someone receives a good massage, they can't help themselves.  The face never lies.

Well, there you have it. The truth behind what's in it for us massage therapists.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.  

Til next time, 
See ya on the flip side!

Ellen Rivera Catalan
The "Barefoot Contessa of Ashiatsu" Massage in Cape Coral


  1. Nicely done! And I totally agree:)

  2. very good. You just inspired me with your last reason to jot a blog on my chair massage because of comments today "at work". Always love hearing why other therapists love doing massage.


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