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Some pampering for me

This week, I took a couple of hours to enjoy a body wrap at a local spa.  I've heard so much about body wraps!
There are detoxing wraps, slimming wraps, fat reducing spot treatment wraps and on and on and on.
I decided I would try one just for fun.
I checked in, and the place was nicely decorated and quiet.  Check.
I was greeted with an intake form. Check.
The intake form had nothing to do with the reason I was there, though.  Uncheck.
I was taken back to a room and it too was beautiful! Check.
When I went to lay on the treatment table it started to spin around. Apparently it was a pedestal style table that wasn't locked in place?  Uncheck,

So my body wrap begins.

The dry brushing was nice. The gel that was brushed on was chilly but no biggie, I can handle it.
I was wrapped up in what felt like a huge piece of saran wrap followed by those space blankets.
I asked the technician what was the name of the wrap, because I was curious. She said it was just a detox wrap.
She said she would check back on me in a bit by peaking in on me and left.

The water fountain trickled. Check.
The music was nice. Check.
Ten minutes of peace and quiet. Check.
I started to wonder what time it was so I looked around the room for the time.  Turns out the clock was on the wall behind me and I had to twist my head to see what time it was. Uncheck.
My neck started bothering me. I had no neck support.  I had no pillow under my knees.  I was uncomfortable for the remaining 25 minutes before she finally peeked in.  Now, I didn't say anything because at that point I was frustrated and fidgety. I had to go to the restroom but figured, oh whatever, its almost over, I'll just suck it up.

Needless to say, this Detox wrap was not as relaxing as I had hoped.
Was it my fault for not speaking up when she checked in 35 minutes into my 45 minute wrap?

While my Me time was suppose to be my time to relax and unwind, it turned out to be a learning experience, and I am always down to learn new things!

I learned:
1) Always use the restroom before a treatment. Maybe, practically 'insist" my client tries (lol) if it is going to be a long session. 
2) Never leave my client alone.  (I don't do this at all now, even during my steam treatments, but figured if I ever offered a treatment remotely similar to this, where my client would be unable to help himself/herself, I would surely not even think of leaving them alone, and then for so long!)
3) Make sure to keep my client as comfortable as possible.  Neck and lumbar support are crucial especially when laying down for a long time.
4) Be able to answer my client's questions to the best of my ability and to their satisfaction, or let them know you will get the answer for them. 
5) Speak up!
And I say this for you as well.  You're paying for a service that is intended to make you feel better. If you're not comfortable during your treatment session, speak up.  I'm pretty good at anticipating my client's needs and reading body language but play it safe and let me know if you are not comfortable for whatever reason.

So in the end, wraps are not for me, and probably not for my business, either.

Have you had a wrap?  What was your experience?  Did you enjoy your session? 
Comment below and tell me about it.  This was my first one and so maybe I just did it wrong. Lol.


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