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5 Ways massage therapy can help you lose weight

Anyone who has ever had a massage will tell you that a massage feels wonderful.  Even having a deep tissue massage makes you feel great afterwards. Massage helps reduce stress and speeds up recovery time after heavy physical activity or injury,  but can it help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Sure it can! Here's how:

1) Massage increases circulation and brings vital nutrition to your muscles. A post work-out massage will supply those overworked muscles with nutrients and oxygen-enriched blood at a faster rate than without massage.  Thus, speeding up the recovery process.

2) A shortened recovery period, means you can safely get back to your work out sooner. You will burn even more calories to achieve your weight loss goals with less down time in between.

3) Massage improves your muscle's range of motion and flexibility.  A muscle that is reaching it's max flexibility and range of motion is stronger and achieves greater performance while active.

4) Because massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion, it will help prevent injuries; the injuries that will keep you from your work out.  

5) Last but not least, while you are slimming down, a massage can help smooth out your skin's appearance.  Massage aids in moving lymph fluids.  It can help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dimpling of the skin.  Techniques can be used to to break up fascia thereby freeing up your skin's movement as well as the muscles underneath.  

So there you have it! 

Massage therapy has many ways to directly and indirectly impact your weight loss goals!  If you've started a weight loss/exercise regimen, I encourage you to include massage therapy as part of your plan.   

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I just want to give everyone a heads up!
I will keep all appointments as scheduled for the week of September 11th.

If Lee County, Florida is affected by Hurricane Irma, I will email those scheduled a cancellation email of their appointment.
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