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All Star Massage, Ellen Catalan's TOP 10 list on massage client etiquette

All over the internet there are questions being asked about what to expect during a massage session.  Very few times have I found articles about what is expected of the massage client. The few I did find I didn't feel comfortable sharing as the writer came off as a little agitated so I didn't want my clients and potential clients to feel I was taking the same tone with them, as the writer did.

So here is my list of what is okay and not okay behavior from a massage client.

When scheduling:

1) It is okay to want to know more about me before coming in for a massage therapy session. It is not okay to ask me to text you a picture of me, and if  I wear stiletto heels during my Ashiatsu massage sessions.

2) It is okay to want a same day massage appointment.  It is not okay to ask me to come in on my off days, stay late after hours, because although your back is crippling you, you have to work, drive your kids to and fro, and you only have time right before you have to cook dinner for the family.  

3) It is okay to cancel your appointment within the 24 hour cancellation policy because you are deathly ill and you care so much about your me that you would hate to share your germs with me.  I will forgive you for that and thank you in advance for caring about me. :)  It is not okay to cancel your appointment because you got a better offer, or because you double booked yourself and have to choose between your massage therapist, or your stylist, nail tech, or BFF. 

During your massage appointment:
4) It is okay to leave your <insert article of clothing here> on during your massage.  Is it not okay to lay on my massage table butt-naked in all your glory, on top of the generous amounts of linens I have provided for you to cover up in.  

5) It is okay to keep your phone on vibrate near you if you are expecting an emergency call. It is not okay to take phone calls or texts, or to read the latest news from Huffington Post through the face cradle and expect me to continue massaging your back.  No...not okay at all.

6) It is okay to talk during your entire massage session.  It is not okay to ask me to talk about other massage clients regardless of how well you know them. Just think, if I'm telling you all of their business, imagine who I might be telling all of your business to!

7) It is okay if you toot, snore, drool (only because you've passed out). It is not okay to fart and yell "Gotcha!" or leave any body fluids on or around my massage treatment area, that includes urinating in the trash can.  

8) It is okay if you forgot to shave. It is not okay if you forgot that you put on perfume and added more, and forgot again and added more get the picture.  If you forget anything, please let it be the perfume.

9) It is okay to not leave a gratuity.  It is not okay to forego a gratuity if I have just spent the last one to two hours using every bit of strength I have because you want more and more and MORE pressure, I've gone above and beyond the call of duty or above and beyond your scheduled time, all the while you're directing me on what to do and how to do it. 

10) It is okay to talk about my massage to others.  It is not okay if you keep me all to yourself.  Please share my business with others as this is my livelihood. Trust me, if you brag about your wonderful massage and I can see more clients like you because you told them about me, you will always have a place on my schedule and I will be forever grateful. :)

Thank you for reading my top 10 list of client massage etiquette! 
I hope you found a little humor in it along with some real information about my ideal client's behavior.

Until next time,  
Stay calm and get a massage, 

Ellen Rivera Catalan, LMT ABBT

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