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Happy 5th year anniversary to All Star Massage! Here is how it came to be.

The decision to become a massage therapist came very easily to me.  I've always been in the healthcare field in one way or another.  It was only natural for me to realize that I wanted to interact with people on a more personal and one-on-one kind of way.  I'm not a social butterfly so one-on-one was perfect.
But why take the huge risk of starting my own business?
Well, I guess being the baby of my family I was spoiled and that character trait must have remained with me into adulthood.  By spoiled as an adult, I mean, I wanted to do things my way.

Oh sure, I worked for larger businesses, as a massage therapist.  The problem was I had no control over my work and the treatment of my patients/clients.  There were several times where I disagreed with the patient's care plan when working for medical offices but I couldn't really say much because "massage therapists are a dime a dozen" and I could be replaced in a heartbeat.  There were times where I wanted to refuse working on a client that had questionable motives for wanting a massage, but the spa I worked for needed the revenue so they didn't care to hear my concerns.  Aside from all of this, was the fact that I wasn't free to treat the clients the way I felt would be most beneficial or for the amount of time I felt they needed.

Have you ever felt so compelled to take a leap of faith even when it seemed utterly and completely illogical?

That was me, 5 years ago today.

I loved massage therapy! I loved how it helped people!  I just needed to have more control over it.  I was spoiled and no one was going to tell me how to take care of the people who's aches and pains I felt a responsibility to.

Hence, All Star Massage was born.

Through the years, I met and worked on a lot of people and built a lot of great relationships, on-on-one. I also expanded the business. Unfortunately this growth took me away from hands-on care and more into the administrative side of the business.  I began to lose the connection that massaging someone gave me and I realized that expanding my business, while I loved the idea of providing employment for others, was not for me. So, in my third and hopefully final location, I decided to fly solo. Now I control the amount of time I spend with my clients and the services I offer, I control the environment in which I perform my massage services so it's peaceful and quiet, and I control the amount of administrative work I have by offering online scheduling and instant gift certificates online. Both of which are a huge convenience for my clients and myself.

I don't know what the future holds.  All Star Massage is still a work in progress, but for now, it's just me and the clients who have entrusted me with their wellness goals; one-on-one.  

So here's to 5 years of being a small massage therapy business and to all the wonderful people I have touched who in turn have touched my life!  Thank you for being a part of it!

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