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Do you have a FSA (Flexible Savings acct) or HSA (health Savings acct) burning a hole in your pocket?

Why not use that FSA/HSA to cover your therapeutic massage therapy sessions?*

A flexible spending account (FSA)/ Health Savings account (HSA) is offered as a benefit by some employers, and allows employees set aside pretax money from their paychecks to pay for certain medical expenses.

Generally, FSA holders have to spend the funds in their FSA by a certain time, usually the end of the calendar year, or else lose whatever balance they have left. Health Savings account may not follow the same rule that you have to use it up by the end of the year though.

However, many employers now allow workers to take advantage of a "grace period" approved by the IRS. This extends the deadline to March 15 to use the money in these accounts, but not all employers offer it.

Flexible spending accounts/Health saving accounts are set up through your health insurance provider to manage costs outside of your standard doctor visits each year. These are generally considered to be ‘un-reimbursed medical expenses,’ and different health insurance providers have different guidelines on what they will accept.

In most cases, you can claim massage therapy as an un-reimbursed medical expense if it is for treating a specific injury, trauma, or illness. Massage for stress relief, relaxation, or just maintaining good health are usually not reimbursable.

If paying for your massage therapy sessions with your FSA/ HSA is something that interests you, you should:

1) Get a prescription for massage therapy from your Physician or any other health care practitioner who is authorized to write a prescription.

2) Obtain a "receipt" from me after paying for your session. Check with your company's plan administrator to find out exactly what information needs to appear on the receipt in order to get the expense approved. This will help to ensure that I've included all the necessary information, and will facilitate the receipt being accepted and the expense being approved. (Please note I do not complete health insurance forms. I will provide a paid invoice with a brief description of the service provided)

If you have questions, just ask. Hope this helps!


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