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Hey everyone!

In order for everyone to give Massage Cupping a try, I've decided to offer 


to all 90 minute deep tissue massage appointments!  

All you have to do is type that you would like to try Massage Cupping in the note section when scheduling your 90 minute deep tissue massage appointment for the month of August, using my online scheduler here.  If you already have a 90 minute deep tissue massage appointment scheduled, simply shoot me an email here so that I can make note of it.  Also, you would like to upgrade/change your scheduled massage session, please contact me soon so that I can do my best to accommodate your request.

If you haven't heard about massage cupping, then you can learn about it here in my previous blog post.

I'm so excited to be introducing this wonderful technique to you.  I hope to see you this month!

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Massage Cupping coming real soon plus this week's availability!

Happy Sunday all! I wanted to blog a little today about this new technique I learned about called Massage Cupping.   After learning about it, I can't wait to introduce it in my massage practice.
What is Massage Cupping? Massage Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine, where a therapist places cups over areas of your skin to create a vacuum.  Blood is drawn up into the tissues to stimulate healing.  I also like to think of it as a reverse-compression massage.  The vacuum can draw from 4 inches within the body. Think about all the tissues this is affecting!
What are the benefits of Massage Cupping? When I learned of all the benefits of Massage Cupping, I was very impressed.  I had already began to visualize the clients this technique would greatly benefit.   These benefits include: Improves circulationRemoval of deep toxins that have been stored away in tissueLoosen and flushing of metabolic wasteReleases tense and chronically tight musclesImproved joint functionLoosen ad…

Want to try Massage Cupping but can't commit to 90 minutes? How about 30?

I've just added a 30 minute cupping massage session to the online scheduler! If you aren't able to commit to a 90 minute massage session to take advantage of the free cupping offer for the month of August, you can still try it out! Using suction from vacuum cups, muscles are relaxed using negative pressure by being drawn upward instead of pushed. Helps with pain, inflammation, and circulation.   20-25 min cupping followed by brief finishing massage. Only $40! Schedule now right here